Terms Of Services

Please read our terms of service carefully before placing any order with Quantic IT .

Take a Look:

1. NO Mining, NO Tor, NO Dating Leads, NO Ads Click, NO Google Adsence, NO Amazon AWS, NO Email Marketing, NO, NO Affiliate, NO CPA, NO Download, NO Software, NO Game, NO YouTube Marketing, NO Any Kind Of Any Account – Any of these or any type of abuse without our grounds for immediate termination, and a permanent ban from current and any future service.

2. Any hacking or cyber crime leading activity grounds for immediate termination, and a permanent ban from any future service.

3. Any type of script, code, or other file that performs harmful action or hosting Malicious Content is grounds for immediate termination, and a permanent ban from any future service.

4. In order to use our services, you are required to provide current and accurate identification, contact information, and other details.

5. Our withdrawal method is now Gift Card from survey and PayPal from Microworkers. Gift card per $ rate 70 TK. PayPal per $ rate 75 TK. We have the right to change this anytime.

6. We are unable to do anything when your account is banned due to your own mistakes. So you have to be more careful about what you are doing.

7. We have full right to access on your server anytime without any notice as well as we can cancel/taken off your server without any reason.

8. Please do only what you are instructed to do. If you want to do anything by yourself, you should inform it to us before doing otherwise a wrong approach can cause you a huge cost and permanent ban.

9. Coin mining is completely prohibited. In the case of coin mining allegation the server will be banned.

10. Changing password is highly restricted. Tell us if needed. 

11. If the server is not renewed and it is taken off, everything we have provided with the server will be taken back. Means you have no right to attempt login account from anywhere.

12. As we route our work BD to USA, any time any account can be banned with your money without any reason, If this happen we will try to do solve, but we have no right to claim anything to them.

13. You will only get work related website account details, No email access will be given.

14. From now you all are recommended to post your opinions and queries in the facebook group regularly.

15. Since you are working with us you can explain us your problem. Regarding any problem we will do our best to solve the problem. Please don’t circulate any negative comment in your timeline or in any other group.

16. Group members must add their friends in the group (who are willing to work or are interested). Even If you are not working with us then again you can add your friend who is interested. 

17. If you cancel your server, only withdrawal balance (10$+) will be counted and will given too you in next withdraw, any other balance like 3$ 5$ 9$ etc will not count. So don;t claim these $ money.

” When ordering our server you accept the terms that -You need to run the Server at least 3 month, After 3 month you can cancel the service”

“Remember, We will monitor your server regularly, any abuse of our TOS will csot you”

“We are always here to help, don’t hesitate, feel free to contact anytime by call or by sms.”