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Survey Package - 1

TK 2500

Per month Renew 2250 TK

  • 2 Survey Account
  • 3-4 Hours Work
  • UpTo 100$
  • Lifetime Support

Survey Package - 2

TK 3500

Per month renew 3500 TK

  • 3-5 Survey Account
  • 5-6 Hours Work
  • UpTo 200$
  • Lifetime Support

Survey Package - 3

TK 6500

Per month renew 6500 TK

  • 4-7 Survey Account
  • 8-10 Hours Work
  • UpTo 600$
  • Lifetime Support

Micro Workers

TK 10500

Per month Renew 2500 TK

  • 1 USA Account
  • 1000+ Works Per Day
  • UpTo 550$
  • Lifetime Support

PayPal Package - 1

TK 2500

Depends On your Package

  • USA Account
  • Card or Bank Verified
  • Phone Verified
  • Lifetime Support

PayPal Package 2

TK 4000

Fully Verified

  • 1 USA Account
  • Full Info Documents
  • Card, Bank Verified
  • Lifetime Support

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Frequently asked questions

Survey research is the collection of data attained by asking individuals questions that you need to answer and get paid for it.

Server is a virtual machine that runs its own copy of an operating system, You can connect it via Remote Desktop Connection. We often call it IP.

Anyone who has a good english knowledge and basic computing can do survey and microworkers easily.

Its super easy, Check out this video, It wiil help you understand how its works.

It depends totally on you, We wili teach you all the necessary tips and tricks, but in the end your effort in work will effect your earnings. Join our group to know how much our clients are making each month.

Our clients say

Well, before coming to the main point I have to clear my position, I wasn't that type of person who invested lots of money and time to internet and got nothing. Then again I am earning around $150 per month which is a dream for most of the new freelancers. Dream comes true because of the platform I am/ we are standing on. Talking about 'Quantic IT Firm' the best platform for the beginner and for those who wants to earn from the first day of his joining.It is a great pleasure for me writing something about the firm but it is never enough to describe by words what they are doing and the way they are taking care of us. I am really happy for being with them.
আমি রুহুল আমিন পিয়াল Quantic IT Firm থেকে প্যাকেজ নিয়ে জুলাই ১,২০১৮ থেকে কাজ করছি। কাজ শুরু করার প্রথম দিকে সবার মত আমারও সমস্যা হত। কিন্তু Quantic IT Team বিশেষ করে ফয়সাল ভাই এবং হাবিব ভাই অন্য মেম্বারদের মত আমাকেও Full support দিয়ে কাজ শিখিয়েছেন। যখনই কোন সমস্যা নিয়ে সাহায্য চেয়েছি খুব দ্রুত সময়ের মধ্যে Quantic IT সমাধান করে দিয়েছে। Quantic IT এর সহযোগিতায় আমি এখন প্রতি মাসে $১৫০-$২০০ আয় করতে পারছি। পড়াশোনা করার পাশাপাশি আয়ের সুযোগ করে দেয়ার জন্য Quantic IT Firm কে ধন্যবাদ জানাই এবং আশা করি আরও অনেকে Quantic IT Firm এর সহযোগিতায় আয় শুরু করতে পারবেন।

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