USA Residential VPS For Survey


This listing is for USA Residential VPS For Survey work. We have many popular ISP. This is our BEST Package to do survey work from Bangladesh.


This listing is for USA Residential VPS for survey work. We have AT&T, Verizon & Spectrum RDP.

RDP Features:

  • Residential ISP VPS+Proxy Setup
  • Windows 2012-2016 Server 1 GB or 2 GB ram
  • Brand new IPs with real IPs
  • This is our BEST Survey Package
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Many sites works well with this VPS like Survey Junkie , MyPoints, Toluna, Swagbucks, Qmee, InboxDollars etc.

This is so far the best USA Residential VPS to do survey work from Bangladesh.

If you specify ISP name we will manage and deliver it to you. If you don’t mention ISP name we will give you random ISP of our choice.

Delivery: Most deliveries are within 6 ours of order placed. In some case it can take 24 hours max. You will get IP details in your email.

Contact: You can call us directly before buying. Mobile no – 01775874525, 01796611522

Other Service: You can check out our RDP and Proxy collection. USA Residential IP Proxy is very good for survey.  We also do number verification. PayPal & Bank Verification are free with our services.


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